Museum's got talent The artists among our staff

Focus exhibition


Abdelaziz Oulad Omar, The Orchid Pavillion

This exhibition gathers artworks made by our colleagues working all over the museum: researchers,  guards, administrators etc. We are particularly proud of our talents that symbolize a creative echo of the grand names of our collections!

An exclusive first at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium!

For the very first time, about 25 of our staff members are showcasing their own artwork.

There is talent hidden in all parts of the Museum, in all specialties and on all levels.

The used genres and techniques are both rich and diverse: from paintings to a sound landscape, from paper and canvases to photography and textile, metal and even human teeth.

Come and discover a Magic Mountain or Waves of Silence, Serenity or an Orchid Pavillion (see image) in the Boël room from the 9th till the 18th of January 2015.

The entrance is free of charge!

Boël room (Forum)

Free entrance