Late night opening Meunier Museum Brussels Museums Nocturnes

Discover the study-home of Constantin Meunier (1831-1905), this fascinating Belgian painter and sculptor. Considered as one of the greatest artists of the century by Rodin, admired by Van Gogh, Constantin Meunier will introduce you to the Belgian industrial, political and social life at the end of the 19th century.

Sculptures in bronze and plaster, paintings, drawings, sketches and drafts: the museum presents a selection of over 150 works and documents.

Meet the curator: Francisca Vandepitte, until 20:00

Free guided tours (in French and Dutch):
FR: 18.00 +19.00
NL: 17.30 + 18.30

Reservation is highly recommended!

Event cancelled due to current events

Musée Meunier Museum
Rue de l'Abbaye 59
1050 Brussels

Tram 94 / Bus 38 (stop Abbaye)

Exclusively open until 20:00

Free guided tours (FR & NL): please reserve your spot via e-mail