Original drawings of "Magritte's Apple" by Klaas Verplancke Magritte Museum

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Klaas Verplancke, Magritte's Apple

The cinema room on floor -1 of the Magritte Museum welcomes the original drawings of Klaas Verplancke's children's book "Magritte's Apple", published in English by MoMA, in French by Centre Pompidou and in Dutch by Lannoo. The small and free exhibition is organised following the Magritte exhibition "The Treachery of Images" currently taking place at Centre Pompidou in Paris (21.09.2016 > 23.09.2017). Our Magritte Museum is the main lender for this exhibition. 

"Magritte's Apple" by Klaas Verplancke

A man named Rene floats through the world of his dreams and imagination, fulfilling his desire to become a painter of apples and hats, apple hats, apple-these and apple-thats. In his paintings, leaves are lips, baguettes are noses, the right side is never up, and the upside is never down. Award-winning author Klaas Verplancke mashes everyday objects and words together in ways that are guaranteed to make kids laugh and think. Rene Magritte (Belgian, 1898 1967), one of the world s most beloved artists, created whimsical, subversive paintings that helped launch the popularity of surrealism. His works combined words and images in novel, thought-provoking ways, and used humor and ordinary subjects to inspire viewers to question the world around them.

The books are all available for sale at the Magritte Shop, next to the cinema room. 

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