CROWDFUNDING Help us restore a Gauguin!



Great premiere in Belgium: the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium launch a crowdfunding campaign for the restoration of a masterpiece by Gauguin!

Paul Gauguin painted The portrait of Suzanne Bambridge in 1891, during his first journey in Tahiti. This painting, the first (and rare) frontal portrait realized by the artist, occupies an important place in his career. Property of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium since 1923, the work is currently exhibited in the Fin-the-Siècle Museum. Since many years  Its restoration constitutes the object of many studies: this oil on hessian is fragile and damaged by multiple transports, stockings and inadequate restoration interventions prior to its acquisition by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Belgium. Thanks to scientific research (X-rays, ultraviolet and innovative multispectral analysis) it has been possible to determine accurately the weaknesses in the pictorial layer. Today, It is urgent to restore the painting in order to guarantee its survival for the future.

The objective is €22.500 . Our generous sponsor, the Baillet Latour Foundation, will double each euro in order to reach the total sum of €45.000 necessary for the total restoration of the painting.