The poetry factory, a small temporary museum Exhibition in the Magritte Museum

Midis de la Poésie


Midis de la Poésie

After the success of "Ceci n’est pas un poème" and "Ceci n’est pas un poème II", the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, still in partnership with the non-profit organization Midis de la Poésie in Brussels, and with the support of Engie Foundation, renew the adventure for a third edition!

This year, the "formula" evolved and bears the name “The poetry factory, a small temporary museum”. Nativitas, a social restaurant, and Le Caria, an association which is involved in literacy missions, were accompanied by Dominique Maes, author and illustrator of books for youth, and above all, CEO of "La Grande Droguerie Poétique, magasin de produits imaginaires", a store largely inspired by the world of Magritte, Broodthaers, Duchamp …

On the very principle of la Grande Droguerie Poétique (continuous creation of imaginary and metaphorical products allowing the improvement of the human condition by the expression of multiple desires), Dominique Maes requested the participants to create their own imaginary product, inspired by their individual experience, their personal culture and their journey through life. It is therefore both a work of poetic writing and image creation, nourished by the influence of René Magritte.

Both groups enjoyed an outside visit, a guided tour of the Magritte Museum, and a creative workshop before continuing the project with a series of 5 specific workshops, culminating in an exhibition of objects in one of the rooms of the Magritte Museum, accessible to all visitors free of charge.

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Magritte Museum
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Collaboration between the Midis de la Poésie and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, with the support of Engie Foundation