Text and weft. From illusion to image. Exhibition at the Magritte Museum

Made to Measure


Magritte would also have appreciated the endless composition and dissection of phrases. Like the endless composition and dissection of the images and words that emerge from nowhere inscribed on strips of fragmented canvases ... When the tightly stretched yarns of wool give a glimpse of an original creation of dreamy images and poetry, the boundaries of reality are tested again ... There was only one step to penetrate into the flaw that separates us from the unreal. This was done by the young people of PCS Querelle and the Lycée Dachsbeck with the help of two young visual and textile artists, Léa Scope and Elise Péroi.

The exhibition "Text and weft. From illusion to image." shows the result of the collective and patient work, made by children and young people aged 6 to 14 years through a surprising exploration of the poetic freedom beloved by the Surrealists.

In collaboration with the team of "Made to measure" (Sesame) and that of "Midis de la Poésie".
With the support of the Engie Corporate Foundation.


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