Vanitas, from illusion to redemption. Time passing


La Cetra d’Orfeo and the soprano Anne Hélène Moens are inviting the public to a concert-walk which will create a dialogue between music and painting, by exploring a universal theme: time passing 

Looking at the works of art,  you will – thanks to the commentaries given by an art historian- understand the complexity of this iconography depicted in 17th century still-lives.

The musicians (playing on ancient instruments) will make you hear how this melancholic feeling inspired European composers such as Thomas Campion, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach or Stefano Landi.

The Passion, virtuosity and baroque ornementation expressed in the arias of Girolamo Frescobaldi or Arcangello Corelli and played on the harpsicord responds those of the paintings of that same period.

And finally, in front of Rubens’ works you’ll discover the antidote to human despair – as suggested by the catholic Church- : an exemplary life leading to redemption. Excerpts of Giacomo  Carrissimi and Vivaldi’s cantatas will evoke the role played by Virgin Mary in this quest.

Language (en/NL/FR)

15:00 - 16:00


Musée Old Masters Museum
Regentschapsstraat 3 rue de la Régence
1000 Brussels

Meeting point: Forum


15 € : Standard price
12 € : Youth (-26 y/o), Friends of the Museums

Entry to the museum included

+32 (0)2 366 30 57

La Centra d'Orfeo