Ganymed Goes Brussels Performance meets Fine Arts


11.10 > 11.12.2018

Ganymed Goes Brussels

With texts from Zadie Smith, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Lize Spit and Stefan Hertmans among others.

Experience the old masters with all your senses and explore art history with new eyes! Theatre, music, dance and performances invite you to explore the present through the past at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Let yourself be captivated and get immersed into the breath-taking performance Ganymed goes Brussels.

Nine contemporary authors and composers draw inspiration from the great old masters to create original works. Their texts and compositions will be turned into brief but unique theatrical scenes. Each evening an ensemble of actors, musicians, singers and dancers will perform these scenes simultaneously and several times in a row, with the art works of the Old Masters Museum as a back drop.
Come wander around the museum and discover the fascinating universe of Ganymed



Opening Night: 11.10

18.10 | 25.10 | 08.11 | 15.11 | 22.11 | 11.12


Doors: 18:15
Start: 19:00 


Old Masters Museum
Rue de la Régence, 3
1000 Brussels


€25: Full price
€15: Youth (-18 years), students

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