Within the exhibition "Pierre Alechinsky: Carta Canta", a digital tool allows the visitors to explore the collection through drawing.  

The visitors are invited to draw sketches on a screen placed in the exhibition room to explore the collection. The digital tool led by artificial intelligence then shows the drawings of the artist that are most similar to the sketch. Drawing and spontaneity are at the core of Alechinsky’s work and reflect in this technological tool as well. It allows a dynamic and interactive encounter with the collection.

The prototype presented in the exhibition « Pierre Alechinsky : Carta Canta » (Deepsketch) was developed by the University of Mons’ Numediart Institute. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium would like to thank Thierry Dutoit and his team, Stéphane Dupont, Fabien Grisard, Omar Seddati and Virginie Vandenbulcke for their collaboration.