ICOM CECA conference Brussels

Conference & workshop

From 25.10 until 30.10.2021, M would like to welcome you inside and outside the museum walls for the annual ICOM CECA conference. On Friday 29th October, a field trip to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is on the agenda.


During this day you will get to know a number of Brussels museums and their educational activities. We zoom in and focus on a number of interesting practical examples of co-creation and participation. Furthermore, we will take enough time to discover the beautiful collections of the museums.


10:00 - 11:30: project presentations and guided tour CECA-ICOM / Co-creation (FR/ES/EN)

During the presentations, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium invite you to reflect together on the following questions:

  • What is co-creation? What is the difference between a co-creative project and a participatory or inclusive project? What makes it special?

  • How to develop a co-creation project in a museum: What makes it possible? What are the obstacles and limitations?

  • What does the co-creative experience give the museum beyond the one-off project? Today and tomorrow...

Focus on two projects: 

  • The project "Museum in Dialogue" was launched in January 2020 and is a joint initiative of the Evens Stichting, Museum on Demand, in cooperation with the FMDO

  • The co-creative project: "The soul of things/things of the soul" led by the Mediation Team and Lluís Sabadell Artiga - Cuscusian*s 

More information: ICOM CECA conference Brussels (mleuven.be)


14:00 - 15:30: workshop CECA-ICOM (FR/EN) in the exhibition EUROPALIA: Tracks to Modernity

Travel to the heart of the co-creation process and take part in the workshop of the Europalia exhibition: Tracks to Modernity. 

More information and reservation: ICOM CECA conference | Afternoon programme Brussels (mleuven.be)