LET’S DANCE and SING at the MUSEUM Trust the Future !

Dance and music

After three months of participative workshops in contemporary dance and signed music around the theme of Trust and Connections, dancers and singers in connection with five professional artists express the importance of human connections, especially in times of crisis.


© Stephan Cerruti

COLLECTIVE creation in real time 
Dance and music (VOIces)
5 PROFESSIONal artists 
35 CITizens

On the programme: choreographies, improvisations in music, spontaneous encounters with the public, the works and the participants.  

* Artists: Marie Martinez (choreographer and dancer), Célia Tranchand (musical director), Milton Paulo, Juan Marcello, Malia Limbosch (dancers), Myriam Dom (artistic events coordinator). 

Performance dates: Saturday 21 May, Sunday 19 June, Saturday 24 September and Sunday 9 October. 


In partnership with  


With the support of FWB - un Futur pour la Culture 


15:00 - 30'
16:00 - 30'


Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Rue de la Régence 3
1000 Brussels


Free (no reservation)