In the context of the international Slow Art Day, the museum is organizing a slow motion dive into the collection of old Masters and the Remedies exhibition dedicated to artist Johan van Mullem.



The four elements form the common thread in the form of a free track where the public can discover the museum in a different way:

- two tours of Slow Art & Mindfulness with Jennifer Batla in the Holland School around the theme water, fire, earth, air… 

Reservation required. In French or in Dutch

- a slow immersion into the enchanting universe of artist Johan van Mullem who will be present.

- philosophical seeds in the form of essential questions from children (5-8 years old) that help us better understand a work of art… A moment of reading and meditation!

- Face to Face : strolling through the collection! Face-to-Face with a work of art, alone and in silence, to forget it all and dream away…