Five Modern Masterpieces in dialogue with the collections

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Five Modern Masterpieces in dialogue with the collections.

Five Modern Masterpieces in dialogue with the collections rediscovers five masterpieces from the collections of modern and contemporary art in an original and innovative way. Exhibited side by side, a selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures of artists from the modern collections contextualize each of the masterpieces (either through influence or theme) or stimulate remarkable discussions with the masterpieces. The museum enhances the experience of the exhibition through an interactive device, the “digital experience”, which adds an extra numerical dimension to the dialogue. In a multimedia cylinder, the increased content - videos, touchscreen, high definition projections ... -  offers a global approach to the artistic creation. The background music in this space has been created by Daniel Offermann, bassist of the Belgian group Girls in Hawaii.

In an original and innovative presentation, five masterpieces from the collection of modern and contemporary art are narrated by a selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures from other artists of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. The visitor is brought to make connections between the different works, to understand the various influences, the context, the background, the coincidence of themes. An original dialogue is thus created around the concept of “masterpiece”, a cultural construction built by a society at a given time. What was perceived as a masterpiece yesterday might not necessarily be perceived as such tomorrow: identification is reconstructed perpetually through the course of history and under different circumstances. The Museums exhibit internationally acclaimed artists Salvador Dalí, Marcel Broodthaers, Francis Bacon, Paul Delvaux and Victor Servranckx right next to artists such as Firmin Baes, Louis Buisseret, Charles De Coorde, Philippe De Gobert, Prosper De Troyer, Paul Maas, Karel Maes, Marcel Marien , ELT Mesens Leon Navez, Anna Staritsky or Edmond Van Dooren. Will this confrontation stimulate a new way of looking at these lesser known works or forgotten artists and turn them into the masterpieces of tomorrow?

To enrich this experience, a multimedia cylinder ("digital experience") offers enhanced content - videos, digital art, touchscreen table, high definition projections, ... - for a comprehensive approach to the artistic creation. With this innovative concept, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium aim to constantly renew the digital experience within the museum. Located at the heart of this space for a minimum of three years, this project will complement and improve each new selection from the collection of modern and contemporary art.

The five masterpieces of modern and contemporary art are inaugurated on the occasion of the project 100 Masters (100 masterpieces from Brussels’ museums) organized by the Brussels Museums Council.


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The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium would like to thank the partners who made this concept possible: TreeTop, the National Lottery and the Friends of Museums (Become a Friend).
In the concept of the Digital Experience, the virtual exhibitions projected in the exhibition space were realized within the framework of the European project Creative Europe SHAREX.

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