Maurice Wyckaert Inner Landscapes

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Maurice Wyckaert

After Jules Schmalzigaug, Ferdinand Schirren, Marc Mendelson, Lismonde and Walter Leblanc, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium honour one of the major figures of post-war art in Belgium with this retrospective dedicated to Maurice Wyckaert (1923-1996).

Following his studies at the Academy of Brussels and the “Vrije Atelier” of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Maurice Wyckaert starts off in a style similar to that of Jean Brusselmans. Deeply marked by the Flemish Expressionism, he updates the latter by directing it towards a lyrical abstraction combined with a calligraphical aspiration. Oriented towards the Germanic culture and attentive to innovations coming fromthe other side of the Atlantic, Wyckaert develops a personal body of work that is characterised by the expansion of the use of colours.On the canvas, this is unfolded like in so many inner landscapes that reflect a quest for identity, in which the Flemish sentiment plays a decisive role. Being close to CoBrA through Asger Jorn and Serge Vandercam, co-founder in 1955 of the magazine “Meridiaan” and the gallery Taptoe, Maurice Wyckaert then joins the Situationist International and the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus. It is he who will read the “Déclaration au nom de la quatrième conférence de l’Internationale Situationiste” (Declaration on behalf of the fourth conference of the Situationist International) at the institute for contemporary arts on September 28, 1960. 


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