Rachel Labastie Remedies

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Rachel Labastie, PORTRAIT WITH WINGS - Rachel Labastie and Wings, A1 (2008)

Contemporary sculptress Rachel Labastie takes a critical stance towards the way modern society alienates our bodies and minds, both physically and mentally. She is a master of paradoxes, forever playing with the ambivalent meaning of the shapes. The material takes center stage in her work; loaded with personal and collective memories, it brings out her art in all its sensuality.

Her creative approach is performative and expresses itself in a great diversity of media (marble, noble wood, transport crates, wicker, clay, porcelain and stoneware) : she throws her entire body into the material, combining an incredible strength and determination, an undeniable know-how and an infinite meticulousness.

This autumn, Rachel Labastie shows about 30 emblematic works, mixing both retrospective and never shown before pieces. Her entire work is about duality and makes us see beyond what seems to be in front of us. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts have invited Rachel Labastie to create a piece “in residence” and in dialogue with a work from the permanent collection. The artist has chosen to set her gaze beyond “The Death of Marat” by Jacques-Louis Davis (1793); the piece will be revealed to the public at the opening of the exhibition. 

Through very different pathways, the work of Rachel Labastie enters a dialogue with that of Aimé Mpane. The two artists, a woman and a man, each question the symptoms developed within our societies. Very concretely, and beyond the pure artistic approach, they create a real space of consciousness and question the possible remediesthrough the central eye of the Patio that is articulated between two floors of the Museum.

Rachel Labastie lives and works in Brussels.


The contemporary artists exhibited this season question the missions and values of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts. Discover their questions, debate with us and share your point of view by following #MuseumInQuestions on our social media channels.


A special day will focus on artists Rachel Labastie and Aimé Mpane: conference, debate, meet the artist, performances, ... More info here


Exhibition's curator: Sophie HASAERTS
Art Historian Sophie Hasaerts is Belgian and based in Brussels. She is a private and public project manager in the artistic field. She is a true believer in the power of artistic creation and what it can provide to an urban community in terms of curiosity and open mindedness.

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