Thomas Lerooy Behind the Curtain

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Behind the Curtain (2018) - Thomas Lerooy

The Belgian artist Thomas Lerooy (°1981) is known for his sculptures and drawings. In Behind the Curtain, the exhibition at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, he shows paintings alongside his sculptures for the first time.

In Lerooy’s enigmatic work, different realities are intertwined, each with their own set of laws. The viewer tumbles from one visual language into another. Throughout the different layers, death and eternity meet, as well as beauty and ugliness, order and chaos, show and intimacy, drama and humour.

Lerooy has developed a highly personal style: a mix of realism, surrealist themes and influences from the classical sculpturing. To him his paintings are living creating; they need time to mature both in terms of visual language and content. You do not need to understand them, but rather feel them by surrendering to the softness of his brushwork. In combination with his sculptures, his paintings form a complex oeuvre which is both moving and thrilling; both shocking and unforgettable.


With the support of galerie rodolphe janssen

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