"Second Canvas": a New App for the Dutch School Collection of the RMFAB

Published on 29.10.2018

Second Canvas Fine Arts Belgium immerses you in the beautiful collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Zoom in on hidden details and let yourself be swept away by the curator who gets you to know all the corners of the paintings. Share your favorite detail or watch these gems on your TV screen at home or at school.

Second Canvas

Made by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in collaboration with Madpixel, Second Canvas Fine Arts Belgium starts this voyage of discovery in the Dutch Golden Age. The application was developed in regard of the opening (February 2019) of a renovated wing of the Musée Old Masters Museum which is entirely dedicated to a hundred paintings from the 'Dutch school' of the 17th century.
The five works of art that are currently being offered via the Second Canvas app show that, in addition to Rembrandt and Frans Hals, less well-known contemporaries also left beautiful paintings.

Available today through the Second Canvas Fine Arts Belgium app with the best quality and resolution:

- Meindert Hobbema, The Water Mill
- Jan Asselijn, The passage of the mudflats
- Rachel Ruysch, Still Life with Bouquet of Flowers and Plums
- Maarten Boelema de Stomme, Still Life with a Bearded Male Crock and a Nautilus Shell Cup
- Jan Davidsz. De Heem, Vanitas

Main possibilities:

- For computers, smartphones and tablets in English, French and Dutch
- A super zoom for discovering all the details thanks to the gigapixel resolution format of the images (ultra HD)
- Discover these masterpieces step by step under the guidance of museum experts
- Tell and share your own stories on social media with your selected details in super high resolution.
- Download the details and the related stories so that you can also view them offline
- Connect your tablet or smartphone to your TV at home (via AirPlay, cable) or to the projector at school to see the paintings in full screen while interacting with your touch device.


Paintings of the Dutch Golden Age

On 1 February 2019 a completely renovated wing of the Musée Old Masters Museum will reopen, in which more than 100 paintings from the Dutch Golden Age will be permanently exhibited. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium own a total around 320 paintings from the “Dutch School” of the 17th century, representing all genres. This high-quality sub-collection is as yet far too little known. This is only partly explained by the fact that it belongs to a museum which mainly collects and displays art works from the Southern Netherlands and Belgium. Both due to a lack of space in the rooms accessible to the public and due to their material condition, many of the paintings have not left the reserves for decades.

In recent years, many 17th-century Dutch paintings have been restored and are now waiting to be discovered or rediscovered. The Second Canvas app alows you to already dive into the details of five beautiful paintings of this collection.


> download the app Second Canvas Fine Arts Belgium for free here

> more info: www.secondcanvas.net