The historical archives of the RMFAB are available online

Published on 04.08.2020

The institutional archives of the RMFAB, digitised within the framework of the DIGIT-03 programme (2014-2018), are now available online. They consist of 100,000 images, representing more than 14,000 files and some thirty registers covering the history of the museums between 1840 and 1945.

The new portal of the Historical Archives of the RMFAB also functions as a guide and an inventory of the collections that are kept in the RMFAB Archives: museum archives in the strict sense (acquisition and management of collections, exhibitions, buildings and premises, etc.) as well as collections of people, organisations or events historically linked to the institution (Fierens-Gevaert Papers, asbl Diffusion Artistique, Brussels Triennial Exhibitions, Historical Exhibition of Belgian Art of 1880, etc.).

The collection constitutes a particularly useful source for art history researchers on themes such as the provenance and history of artworks, museum history and the history of collections, the art market, the history of restoration... for the contemporary period (19th - 1st half 20th century).

Access is in its beta phase : inventories and descriptions of the collections will be progressively completed. The DIGIT-04 programme (2019-2024) will make it possible to enrich the digitised collections accessible online, over the next five years.