List of Patrons and Donators

We would like to sincerely thank all the members of the Maecenas Circle and the donors for their support to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium




Mr and Mrs Charles Adriaenssen, Mr and  Mrs Jacques Berghmans, Mr and Mrs Harold Boël, Mr Maxime Boonen, Mr and Mrs Michel Cigrang, Baron and Baroness Gillion Crowet, Mr and Mrs Bernard Meeùs, Prince and Princess Amaury de Merode, Mr Daniel Thierry





Mrs Olivia Bodson, Mr and Mrs Mickey Boël, Mr Stephane Cauchies, Mrs Danielle Colart and  Monsieur Yann Senski, Mr and Mrs Jérôme Coppée, Mr Christian Dumolin and Mrs Nina-Marie Dumolin,  Baron and Baroness Marnix Galle-Sioen, Mr  and Mrs Philippe Hanet, Mr Nicolas Houres and Mrs Victoria Balthazard , Mr and Mrs Adnan Kandiyoti, Mr and Mrs Bruno and Danièle Liebhaberg, Mr et Mrs Tony Mary, Baron and Baroness Baudouin Michiels, Mr and Mrs Michel Moortgat, Mr Olivier Olbrechts, Mr and Mrs Cédric Olbrechts, Mrs Barbara Pringiers, Mr Christophe Remy, Mrs Myriam Sepulchre, Mr and Mrs Jean-Philippe Thierry, Baroness Caroline de Vicq de Cumptich, Mr and Mrs Guy Velge




Mr and Mrs Philippe Boonen, Count François de Borchgrave, Mrs Monique Bréhier, Count and Countess Frédéric de Broqueville, Count and Countess Paul Buysse, Prince and Princess de Chimay, Mr and Mrs Damien Comeliau, Mr and Mrs Alexandre Coppée, Mr and Mrs Amaury de Cordes, Mr Tobias Desmet and Mrs Giulia Ponti, Mrs Muriel Dhanis, Mrs Aure de Giey, Mrs Eléonore Goffinet, Baron and Baroness Bernard de Gruben, Mr and Mrs Olivier Héger, Mrs Gaëtane Lachapelle, Mr Jean de Malherbe, Mr and Mrs  Géry Olbrechts, Mr Frédéric Peyré, Mr and Mrs Etienne Raemdonck van Megrode, Mr and Mrs Pierre Riga, Mr and Mrs Philippe Schöller, Mr and Mrs Amaury de Seze, Mr Frank Suykens, Baron and  Baroness Wenceslas de Traux de Wardin, Count and Countess Hubert d’Ursel, Mr and Mrs Frédéric Van der Beken Claeys, Baron and Baroness de Vaucleroy, Mr and Mrs Luc Vierstraete, Mr and  Mrs Benedikt van der Vorst, Mr Michel Wajs and Mrs Sylvia Goldschmidt, Mr and Mrs Antoine Winckler




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Banque Transatlantique Belgium

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