Group welcome service to the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium


In order to prepare your visit, please do check the interactive and educational page of our cultural mediation department, the online catalogue, the websites of our permanent collection and the Magritte Museum.

The website of the RMFAB also gives you useful and practical information on how to organize and book a group’s activity in our Museums.


Groups must check in at the group entrance: Place Royale 3, 1000 Brussels.
Please do arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the time mentioned on the confirmation letter, so that your visit can start and finish on time. The guides are required to keep within the stated times.


We expect our visitors to behave correctly towards the museum and its staff and towards other visitors. Moreover, please do respect the calm and quiet of the museum (including in passages and cloakrooms).

Stand at least one meter away from the artworks. It is forbidden to point to works of art with any sharp or cutting object (ballpoint, ruler, pencil, ...). Visitors must comply with the instructions given by the museum staff.

Visitors are allowed to take pictures (without a flash) unless indicated otherwise (see pictogram next to the work in question).

Please do not:

  • yell or raise your voice in our museums;
  • run;
  • lean against walls, pedestals, ...;
  • touch the works of art;
  • lie on the floor;
  • spray graffiti, make inscriptions, marks or stains;

This list is NOT exhaustive. We invite you to read the visitors regulations.


Will be paid in advance by bank transfer. On arrival, the group leader will present himself at the reception desk in the forum with the confirmation letter (and proof of payment in case of late payment). In order to make your group visit as pleasant as possible (mainly assure that your activity can start and can be completed on time), we strongly advise you to pay in advance to avoid any queues that could delay your visit.

In addition to the tickets, the group leader will receive the museum rules as well as green badges which every person in charge of the group must wear in the museum.

Important notice: bookings that have been made in advance are not refundable. If necessary, additional tickets can be purchased on the day of the visit. Please note that there are no guarantees concerning tickets for the Magritte museum (limited tickets per hour) and the temporary exhibitions.

It is forbidden to sell unused tickets.


For conservation and security reasons, large bags, umbrellas and impeding objects are not allowed in the galleries. Only groups with reservation are guaranteed access to a group cloakroom.

(temporarily suspended)

Because of the current health crisis and the developments surrounding these issues, we are temporarily not allowing groups with their own guides to visit our museum. For the moment we are only authorizing groups accompanying our own museum guides.

The speaking right for external guides as well as for Belgian teachers have been temporarily suspended.

These measures can change according to how the situation develops.

Visit with a Museum GUIDE

The guide will meet the group at the reception desk. The group leader and the guide will break the group down into smaller ones if needed.

Groups consist of 12 up to 15 participants. Each group must be accompanied by a proper leader/supervisor.


The length of the activity (see confirmation letter) cannot be exceeded.

The tour can be shortened at the request of the group. If so, the guide(s) must be notified at the start of the tour.


Every leader is responsible for his group: all participants must stay with their group leader throughout the duration of the visit or guided tour.

Taking notes is not allowed in the galleries of the Magritte museum and in the temporary exhibitions.

Authorization to take notes on A4 paper, in pencil, in the collections of the Old Masters & Fin-de-Siècle museums is only granted to groups who have booked a visit.



Visits must be cancelled at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date; this rule also applies to modifications (more or fewer participants, guides, ...).

Only cancellations and modifications in writing will be taken into account!

In case the museums need to close – by official governmental decree caused by the corona virus – we can offer you the following alternatives: 

  • Postpone the visit;
  • A virtual alternative (in common agreement);
  • Reimbursement;

Contact us!


If you wish to be well prepared for a visit in our museum, you will find  information about the safety measures, the general visitors regulations here

In case you would like more information concerning the content aspect, we recommend to contact our Cultural Mediation department.

More info here or by telephone: 02/508.33.61 (NL) of 02/508.33.27 (FR).

We hope you enjoy your visit to the RMFAB!