14/18 – Rupture or Continuity Belgian Art around World War I

Inga Rossi-Schrimpf (ed.), Laura Kollwelter (coll.), 2018, 384 p.

Laura Kollwelter, 14/18 – Rupture or Continuity (2018)

14/18 – Rupture or Continuity takes a look at Belgian artistic life in the years around the First World War and how it was affected by this event. The Great War was a catalyst of artistic oppositions, leading on the one hand to a Belgian avant-garde that explored new forms and styles, while continuing to uphold a more traditional and established art on the other. The collection of essays in the present book – based on a research project, exhibition and symposium led by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts -  highlights these contrasting facets of Belgian art in its rich historical context during the early 20th century

Contributors: Werner Adriaenssens, Erik Buelinckx, Sophie De Schaepdrijver, Ole W. Fischer, Eva Francioli, Laura Kollwelter, Christina Kott, Françoise Lucbert, Peter Pauwels, Hubert Roland, Inga Rossi-Schrimpf, Sergio Servellón, Sandrine Smets, Hans Vandevoorde, Caterina Verdikt

Leuven University Press/ Royal Museums of Fine Arts
ISBN 9789462701366