Andres Serrano Denizens of Brussels, Residents of New York

Michel Draguet, Jean-Luc Monterosso, Jacques Attali, 2016, 184 p.

andres serrano; denizens of brussels; residents of new york

This volume presents two previously unpublished series of photographs by Andres Serrano: "Residents of New York", portraits of homeless inhabitants of the artist’s hometown taken in 2014, and "Denizens of Brussels", created in close collaboration with the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in March 2015, while he was preparing his retrospective in Brussels. Serrano walked the streets of the capital for ten nights to encounter the most marginal of its inhabitants. Men and women generally invisible to passersby like us are revealed by his unique vision. Through the power of these portraits, he forces us to re-humanise these residents and denizens.

Multilingual publication (FR, NL, EN).


Keywords: Andres Serrano, photographie