HENSOR Heritage Enrichment using Spatial Object Relations - Automatic wikibase generation for semantic querying and linking of RMFAB collections

2021 > 2026

Promotor(s) : Prof. Dr. Ir. Steven Verstockt (IDLab/UGent), Lies Van de Cappelle (RMFAB)

Researcher(s) : Prof. Dr. Ir. Dieter De Witte (RMFAB - IDLab/UGent)

The aim of this FED-tWIN project is to investigate whether automatic image recognition, with a focus on spatial relations between objects, can be used within the collection registration, in making collections searchable and in art history research.

Can computer vision contribute to the traditional, still largely analogue, research practice within art sciences? Does digital collection registration and access to collection data allow for automation? Can the public, through the use of natural language processing techniques, get to know the collection pieces in a more intuitive way?

A state-of-the-art research on the aforementioned themes, with practical application to the RMFAB collection data, will be followed by the development of usable tools that can be actively deployed within museum and public activities.

HENSOR is a FED-tWIN project supported by BELSPO.