Pieter Bruegel the Elder The sources of his art

2012 > 2015

Promotor(s) : Dr. Véronique Bücken

Researcher(s) : Dr. Alexandre Galand

The RMFAB, which after Vienna contain the largest collection of works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, have launched a research project to reassess the Bruegel paintings preserved in Brussels, along with those scattered across Europe and the USA.

The project aims to define the artist's pictorial writing and his pre-painting and painting method.  In partnership with the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and with the collaboration of KIK/ IRPA, the Museum will conduct the full material study of the paintings by or attributed to Bruegel conserved by it, using non-destructive laboratory analyses, by studying the pictorial surface under the microscope and scientific imaging including multispectral scanning. The Museum will establish an extensive network of scientific collaborations with many European and American institutions so that similar studies can be conducted on the Bruegel paintings conserved in these institutions. Within this international network, the Museum will play a leadership and coordination role. It will also attempt to clarify the attribution issues that remain in dispute for a certain number of paintings of the Bruegel corpus.