A word from the Director

The whole team at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium joins me in wishing you a warm welcome.

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (RMFAB) are the country’s most visited museum displaying the most important national fine arts collection. Its 20,000 artworks and six museums illustrate art history from the 15th to the 21st century through paintings, sculptures and drawings. Founded in 1801 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the RMFAB preserve and enhance this prestigious heritage while facing the challenges of our contemporary society.

The RMFAB have two main missions: to be an international centre of scientific research, and a place of openness for the widest possible audience. The aim is to preserve, study, enhance, and enrich the artistic heritage of Belgium while engaging the Museums as actors of cultural, economic and social progress.

Accessible to all, the Museums always try to anticipate the visitors' expectations by offering a variety of tailor-made programmes, an area in which they were and still are pioneers. Emotion and pleasure are an integral part of the constantly renewed visitor experience. The RMFAB initiatives contribute to the shaping of contemporary identities while infusing younger generations with creativity.

The anchoring of these values is backed by an international position: the RMFAB take part in numerous exhibitions all over the world (more than 60 per year), they actively contribute to scientific research and attract visitors from all over the world (more than 65% international visitors).

Michel Draguet

Director General