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EXhibition tracks to modernity EUROPALIA FESTIVAL

An artistic and historical journey on the theme of the train through works by major artists of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Monet, Caillebotte, Spilliaert, Boccioni, Severini, Léger, De Chirico, Mondrian, Servranckx, Delvaux and Magritte.

Open from 15 October 2021. More info here.

Poetic and sensual, Fabrice Samyn’s work questions the concept of reality and shakes up our bearings. More than 70 works displayed throughout the Old Masters and the Magritte Museums question our relationship with time, with the sacred, and with the spoken, to embark us on a sensory experience that is both intimate and spiritual. 

Open from 15 October 2021.
collections and FOCUs exhibitions

Discover the remarkable collection of Old Masters, covering a period running from the 15th to the 18th centuries: from the painting of the former Southern Netherlands to the Flemish School, and along the French and Italian School.  

The Fin-de-Siècle Museum is dedicated to the 1900s, when Brussels, the capital of Europe, was a unique artistic crossroads and the capital of Art Nouveau. This sanctuary of cultural history hosts paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints, sculptures, photographs, films, models and decorative art objects.

This ticket gives you access to the focus exhibitions Remedies (Patio 0 and Patio +2).


Through a multidisciplinary body of work that mixes paintings, installations and sculpture, Aimé Mpane suggests to take a critical and resilient stance towards our relationship with the world, and more particularly, to the notion of territory. His universe, multi-layered, positive and multicolor, is a place where dialogue, dreams and the restoration of unity – as in the unity of human kind- can happen.


The contemporary sculptress Rachel Labastie is a master of paradoxes, forever playing with the ambivalent meaning of the shapes. This autumn, she shows about 30 works where the material takes center stage. Her entire body of work is about duality and sensuality and invites us to see beyond what seems to be in front of us. 

The two artists enter a dialogue within the eye of the Patio.

Open from 15 October 2021.